This journal was created as part of our effort to make and share gourmet recipes prepared with and  inspired by ancient food traditions. These recipes are aimed at sustainability, meaning (ideally) nourishing food grown locally and in harmony with the earth.

Most of the time, foods that are good for us are also good for the entire eco-system. For example, locally grown fruits incur less environmental damage as they are not shipped from far away. Simultaneously, fruits that are local (and fresh!) are much higher in vitamin C, which disappears at an astonishing rate after it is picked.

This blog honors this connection between nourishing our bodies and nourishing the earth. It also honors the ancient arts of home-made (the most “local” of all) food. Working toward self-sufficiency is incredibly rewarding, intellectually and physically challenging, and the most sustainable thing we can do; once you learn how to make something you can re-create it again and again. It often results in a higher -quality, more nutritious product. And on a deep emotional level, getting in touch with artisan crafts connects us to our past, to the traditions that for centuries have been passed down parent-to-child or master-to-apprentice.

Every day, we strive to create food that is beautiful, delicious, and fresh. This is our story.