How to sprout anything (a sprouting hack)


This ‘recipe’ is more of a tutorial, which relates as much to food growing as to cooking. It is also my first recipe featuring a hack (an unpolished yet efficient way to get something done). A friend passed on to me the brilliant idea of reusing a plastic mesh bag.

The pictures really explain it all, but here is how to sprout seeds in a jar:

(1) Fill the jar about 1/5 full of beans or seeds (lentils, chickpeas, radish seeds, wheat berries, any grain that is not broken or hulled).
(2) Soak in water several hours or overnight.
(3) Place a ‘filter’ cut into a square on top (a reused plastic mesh garlic bag is ideal, but a cheese cloth or doubled up coffee filter will work) and secure with a rubber band or mason jar ring. If you have a plastic ring you are the boss, the metal ones eventually get rusty. I used an orange onion bag because I was in a pinch. Not sure about its food safety, but it got the job done.
(4) Dump out the water through the top with the lid and filter secured and let the jar rest tilted in a bowl in a sunny spot.
(5) Rinse it at least a couple times a day like this, or whenever you walk by.
(6) Eat the sprouts as soon as they start growing (a great time to cook them into a soup) or as long as they are fresh and smell good. You can slow down the growing process by storing them in the fridge for a few days (this may be necessary in a warm climate), but eating them right away is best. Always rinse right before you want to eat them.
(7) How should you eat them? I mostly like them raw in salads or on sandwiches. But, you can also cook spouted beans into soups, curries etc. This may be necessary for chickpeas. I have yet to try making this, but the healthiest breads are made with sprouted grains.

Let me know how your sprouts sprout, or contact me with questions. My facebook page is just




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